Mesotherapy und homotoxokology

This is traditional regulatory therapy supporting the healing powers of the body. Mesotherapy comes from France, where it is widely used. It works over the skin after injecting small amounts of medication or homeopathic remedies directly under the skin. The therapeutic agents spread within the layers of the skin und stimulate the immune system. I usually use a local anesthetic in conjunction with homeopathic remedies, such as Traumeel, for maximum effect. These homeopathic remedies come from homotoxicology. They are usually complex homeopathic remedies for various indications. The best known is Traumeel, used for injuries and highly effective. However, there is a wide range of remedies for various indications such as strengthening the kidneys, lungs, stress, anxiety and many more.

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The traditional indication for mesotherapy is pain management. It is particularly effective for pains in the large joints and arthritis including finger joints seen with rheumatoid arthritis. 

Other indications are headaches, in particular tension headaches, tension in the upper back and shoulder girdle and back pains in general. Patients commonly notice some relieve right after the treatment. I can also treat scars with mesotherapy. This is particularly important when they cause headaches, increased sweating, sleep disturbance or local discomfort.

I can combine mesotherapy with acupuncture, injecting the therapeutic agents into certain acupuncture points. This has been proven particularly effective for knee pain.

In mesotherapy I inject the therapeutic solution with a 4mm long needle in the affected area. More injections are usually deposited under the skin. There will be minimal bleeding or some redness at the injection sites, which can last for a few days. It is important not to take a bath, shower, go into the sun or do vigorous sports after the therapy. Blood thinners such as aspirin or oral anticoagulation are no contraindication for this therapy.

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How often this therapy needs to be repeated depends on the problems and how long they have been there for. The goal for chronic problems is to reduce the pain and need for analgesia as well as postpone any need for surgery, such as joint replacement. The goal following trauma is the rapid reinstatement of the former function.

In the thyroid, I like to use homotoxicology together with infusion therapy to support Graves’ disease and subacute thyroiditis de Quervain. Since this is usually based on acute to chronic stress, I can strengthen the system well with minerals and homeopathic remedies.