Dermapen & micro needling

Micro needling is a collagen induction therapy. The needles cause tiny wounds in the skin stimulating the healing process and the production of collagen. This leads to reduced wrinkles, smaller pores, even skin tone and the skin becomes firmer with time. As the body’s own healing capacities are used it takes time to see the effects. The benefits are healthy and natural looking skin for a long time.

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The Dermapen (Neopen)

Currently I am only using the Dermapen. It is an electric device with thin needles pricking millions of small channels into the skin. These microscopic injuries stimulate the healing processes of the skin and collagen production. Skin becomes firmer over time; wrinkles are prevented and existing wrinkles smoothened. The Dermapen has the advantage to be very fast, creating 1920 skin pricks per second, and being nearly pain free. During the treatment I can adjust the penetration depth of the needles according to the skin area I am treating.

Effects of micro needling

Micro needling becomes even more effective in combination with PRP or active substances with great results and minimal downtime. The skin will be red and irritated after the treatment. This usually calms down after a day or so. The results are even and very natural.
This therapy is also recommended preventatively, depending on your skin type. You can start in your thirties to postpone the ageing process of the skin in conjunction with sun protection. When you start early you will need one to two sessions per year.
When the skin is more mature or has sun damage, I recommend three sessions a month apart and then repeat every 6 months. If there is a lot of sun damage a combination of peelings followed by micro needling will be more effective.
Micro needling is usually used in conjunction with PRP or active substances for sun damage, wrinkles, enlarged pores, scars such as acne scars and pigmentation.