Kinesiology is a diagnostic tool utilizing the patient´s muscle power to find the root of a problem, see how problems are interconnected and what therapy is helpful. This method also allows to test for food intolerances. It is a brilliant additional diagnostic tool.

Dr George Goodheart, an American chiropractor, noticed in the 1960ies the connection between muscular strength and medical problems. This was the foundation of his research, which developed over the following decades.

The connection between muscles and certain organs and regulatory circles got established. Acupuncture points are utilized as reflex points to confirm dysfunction or weakness in certain organs. Scars or teeth can be a source of interference causing various problems. Kinesiology is a great way to find those sources.

The basic principle is: Everything is energy and everything is connected.

The body is a whole, made up of every cell and organ in our body. Our thoughts, emotions, stress, believes, views and traumas play an additional role. There are remedies strengthening or weakening us. Kinesiology is a great way to guide us to the right remedies. We still have not found all answers yet, as to why and how exactly this method works. For me it has become an invaluable tool to find underlying problems and interconnections as well as the appropriate remedy for the patient. 

I use it routinely to establish an infusion therapy plan for my patients.

Wir haben noch immer nicht alle Antworten gefunden warum und wie genau diese Methode funktioniert, aber sie fasziniert mich täglich und gibt mir die Möglichkeit in einem kurzen Zeitraum zugrunde liegende Probleme und Zusammenhänge zu erfassen und ein passende Heilmittel zu finden.