Dr Scarlett Lewitschnig studied medicine at the Karl-Franzens-University Graz, Austria. After graduating in 2001 she did her basic and GP training in Austria. Already during university and her GP training she had exposure to complementary medicine and got her degree in Acupuncture.

Dr. Scarlett Lewitschnig - Ihre Expertin für Schilddrüse und Komplementärmedizin in Klagenfurt und London - Portrait


At the end of her GP training she travelled to Australia and achieved her fellowship with the Royal Australian college of Physicians, specialising in Nuclear medicine. Her last year of training she spent at Guys and St. Thomas’ hospital in London. The following years she worked as a consultant in Acute Medicine and Nuclear Medicine in the NHS.

Dr Lewitschnig also managed to spend time in Austria getting the chance to gain more experience in complementary medicine, and found many answers left largely unanswered by school medical thinking, in Mayr Medicine. She gained first-hand experience seeing the uncountable benefits of this treatment while working in a Mayr centre. Furthermore, she gained experience in additional diagnostic tools, most interestingly in applied kinesiology (functional muscle testing).  This gives her the foundation to work in preventative medicine.

Dr. Lewitschnig`s various medical and life experiences help her assess and treat her patients in a very holistic way. She deeply cares about her patients and does everything in her power to help and support them. The best way to help is to make patients understand why, what and how problems occur and can be solved, how symptoms are connected and what you can do about it. Learning and exploring never stops and there are opportunities out there she is eagerly exploring, always with the aim to understand more and to be able to offer more to her patients.